Signac is an extension of Seurat for the analysis, interpretation, and exploration of single-cell chromatin datasets.


Signac is designed for the analysis of single-cell chromatin data, including scATAC-seq, single-cell targeted tagmentation methods such as scCUT&Tag and scACT-seq, and multimodal datasets that jointly measure chromatin state alongside other modalities.

Signac currently supports the following features:

  • Calling peaks
  • Quantifying per-cell counts in different genomic regions
  • Calculating single-cell QC metrics
  • Dimensional reduction, visualization, and clustering
  • Identifying cell-type-specific peaks
  • Visualizing ‘pseudo-bulk’ coverage tracks
  • Integration of multiple single-cell datasets
  • Integration with single-cell RNA-seq datasets
  • Sequence motif enrichment analysis
  • Transcription factor footprinting analysis
  • Linking peaks to correlated genes
  • Parallelization through the future package
  • Seamless interface with Seurat, SeuratWrappers, SeuratDisk, and SeuratData functionality
  • Interoperability with Bioconductor tools

Please see the Signac vignettes page for examples.

For installation instructions see the install page.