This can be used to combine coverage plots, peak region plots, gene annotation plots, and linked element plots. The different tracks are stacked on top of each other and the x-axis combined.

CombineTracks(plotlist, expression.plot = NULL, heights = NULL, widths = NULL)



A list of plots to combine. Must be from the same genomic region.


Plot containing gene expression information. If supplied, this will be placed to the left of the coverage tracks and aligned with each track


Relative heights for each plot. If NULL, the first plot will be 8x the height of the other tracks.


Relative widths for each plot. Only required if adding a gene expression panel. If NULL, main plots will be 8x the width of the gene expression panel


Returns a patchworked ggplot2 object


# \donttest{
p1 <- PeakPlot(atac_small, region = "chr1-29554-39554")
p2 <- AnnotationPlot(atac_small, region = "chr1-29554-39554")
CombineTracks(plotlist = list(p1, p2), heights = c(1, 1))

# }